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An iOS inspired AI chat bot

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I created this project to play around with Vercel's new AI SDK, which looked to be an intuitive way to incorporate AI into applications for text-based responses. Using the SDK, I hooked it up to a Next.js project and created a basic chat bot with similar styling to iMessage on iOS using Tailwind.


  • The AI SDK was very easy to integrate into the application with minimal code needed to be added to API routes.
  • Occasionally there would be no response from the AI model, this could depend on which model you choose to use (for this project, I used one "OpenAssistant/oasst-sft-4-pythia-12b-epoch-3.5" from Huggingface, an AI community).
    • With an empty response, the next user prompt would often then trigger the response from the AI model. A nuance that I was sure was a fault lying with the model as opposed to the routing implementation I used for this app.
  • Using a tiny date library, Day.js, I was able to implement dynamic displays of "time ago" from when the message was received when you swipe left/right on a message. I have been more familiar with the likes of Moment.js in the past, but that has quite a large footprint for what I wanted to achieve. The usage of Day.js is very easy with simple syntax.
  • I developed this app using Storybook.js so I was able to build components in isolation — I believe this to be a better way of building components within any React project for a few reasons:
    1. You can test your components in isolation, both in terms of design (the flexibility of the design, i.e. how the component adapts to different content) and functionality.
    2. Components should not rely on dependencies of other components (i.e. a Menu component should also include a MenuItem component which can have its own logic/states etc), they should be able to work on their own as well as part of more complex components/pages.
    3. Storybook allows you prototype components quickly without interference of other elements on a page.

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