Cloudy With A Chance of Pizza

When's best to cook pizza in your Ooni oven?



This came from an idea from one of Ooni's Hackathons.. The concept was, "Can we create an app that suggests to us which upcoming day would be best to cook pizza?"


The app is broken down into three parts:

  1. Get the 3-day weather forecast for your postcode
  2. Analyse the conditions of those 3 days
  3. Give a prediction on best day to cook.

The logic behind the recommendation is quite basic, a simple conditional statement which prefers days with low rain-precipitation, lower wind speeds and higher temperatures.

I used the API to grab the longitude and latitude co-ordinates of a user's postcode and then used Weather API to grab the forecast based on the long/lat co-ordinates.


  • Weather APIs are hard to come by at reasonable costs and the data can be somewhat unpredicable.
  • Generative Image AI has its uses 🙂

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